Kids Karate Lessons Branford, Connecticut Adult & Teen Martial Arts Branford, Connecticut
Kids Karate Lessons Branford, Connecticut Adult and Teen Martial Arts Branford, Connecticut
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Welcome to the Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford!

If you're looking for professional martial arts trainers who are dedicated to your success, the Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford is the place for you. Our staff will share their world-class training with you and devote themselves to your goals. Whether you're looking to get into amazing physical shape or want to learn how to defend yourself in all kinds of situations, our passionate martial arts experts are here to help you achieve your goals. Our classes are exciting, focused and fun!

Our custom approach to martial arts and karate for kids encompasses all the aspects of the disciplines, strengthening not only your body but your mind and spirit. You don't need to be an expert or know anything at all about martial arts or self-defense to come to our classes. We have classes for students of all skill levels, from those students who are new to martial arts to expert students with black belts and years of experience. No matter what skills you have, you're welcome at our dojo, and we have classes that will help you be your best.

Contact Us at 203-468-7956 today to hear our current offers!

Why Choose Our Dojo?

Finding the right martial arts academy for you is one of the most important decisions you'll make after you decide to train. Our martial arts school will provide you with the tools, instructions and direction you need to reach your goals and sharpen your skills. Because of the commitment level and the time and energy you'll have to invest, you'll need to pick the school that will meet all your individual needs. Our dojo is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students while making training an enjoyable experience.

What Do Our Students Love About the Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford?

Programs for Everyone: We have programs for students ages 4+ and skill ranges. Our dojo has classes aimed at sharpening your current martial arts skills, toning your body and developing your ability to defend yourself. No matter which type of class you take, we guarantee you'll have fun, learn and want to come back for more every week!

Our Staff: We have a friendly, patient staff waiting to help you reach your goals while having fun. Our staff is committed to your training, knows our custom programs and will teach you and your children all the aspects of martial arts, including respect, patience, self-discipline and integrity.

The Entire Package:
While mastering physical moves is an essential part of learning any martial art, martial arts encompass more than just your physical being. Our complete approach to martial arts training offers benefits beyond physical skills and will help you improve yourself emotionally and mentally. Our new students report they feel more energetic, have higher levels of self-esteem and more self-discipline after just a short time of training with us!

Special Classes and Events for Families: We offer specialty classes to meet the needs of all our students and events for families and children. To encourage our students and motivate our younger trainees, we host a variety of unique gatherings, including workshops for self-defense, holiday celebrations, seminars about bullying, games, tournaments, competitions and kid safety workshops. Our events are unique and developed with our students in mind.

Ready to Join Us?

Visit us at 869 West Main Street, Branford, CT Call us at 203-468-7956 with any questions you have and to get started today! The Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford is here to help your reach your goals and change your life!

Dial 203-468-7956 to hear our special offers!