Kids Karate Lessons Branford, Connecticut Adult & Teen Martial Arts Branford, Connecticut
Kids Karate Lessons Branford, Connecticut Adult and Teen Martial Arts Branford, Connecticut
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The Dojo of Modern Karate Programs for Adults & Teens

Stay Fit, Feel More Confident and Get More out of Life

Our martial arts programs are high-energy and deliver a solid workout. In addition to learning self-defense moves that can save your life, you will also get in shape. Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford has programs designed for all skill levels from beginner to black belt. We also have programs for children as well as classes for adults, so you can get the entire family involved.

Benefits of a Quality Martial Arts Program

  • Workouts are fast-paced and fun, allowing you to burn fat and sculpt muscle without getting bored.
  • Enjoy more energy and improved stamina.
  • Learn how to defend yourself in a variety of situations with martial arts skills.

Are you ready to improve your health and boost your confidence? Give us a call today at 203-468-7956 to learn more about our classes, awesome programs and money saving offers.

Get Ready for the Next Level

Classes will help you learn the martial arts skills and self-defense moves that you need to protect yourself and your family. In addition to learning blocks and evasive moves, you will also learn the strikes and grappling skills that can save your life. You will learn how to use elbows, knees and even fingertips as defensive weapons while also discovering how to turn your opponent’s movements to your advantage.

If you have ever watched professionals using martial arts in the movies and thought that you would like to do it, then you will enjoy our classes. Our curriculum is a blend of Taekwondo and Shotokan that has been designed to teach you how to make the most out of your hands, elbows, feet and knees. Submission grappling classes will help you develop important ground skills, allowing you to get and keep the upper hand. Our defensive classes are more than theory; they are designed to help you protect yourself in real world situations.

We can help you meet your goals, whatever they are. Our wide range of martial arts styles allows us to personalize classes to meet your needs.

Regardless of age or skill set, we have a program that can work for you. Call us today at 203-468-7956 to learn more about our special offers and exciting programs.

We offer classes at two different locations for your convenience. When you are ready to change your life and learn effective and powerful self-defense skills, give us a call to set up your first class. You can easily reach us at 203-468-7956 or you can drop in and visit us at one of our two locations:

869 West Main Street in Branford, CT 06405

Enjoy Learning from the Best

The professionals at Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford are professionals who have spent years studying and mastering the skills they will share with you. Professionally trained and highly dedicated, they are here because they love teaching the skills and helping their students grow emotionally as well as physically.

Our instruction methods are designed to provide you with the skills you want and the knowledge you need in a safe environment. You will be trained by black belts who possess superior skills and a high level of discipline. Through the classes you will develop improved self-discipline, greater self-esteem and a bold spirit at will help you get the most out of your life.

A Great Decision with Excellent Rewards

When you ready to move to the next level, let the staff at Dojo of Modern Karate of Branford help you. Our instructors will help you grow and learn as you reach for the next belt and advance your karate skills.

Call us at 203-468-7956 today to learn more about our exciting programs, effective classes and special offers!